SERIES THURSDAY: When I am happiest by Rose Lagercrantz


A standalone follow-up to the acclaimed and beloved chapter books My Happy Life and My Heart is Laughing.

Dani is very happy—it's the last day of school, and summer is about to start. But then there's a knock on the classroom door, and Dani is told her father has been in an accident. He's in the hospital! How can she possibly be happy now?

A warm and heartfelt story about Dani's love for her dad and her ongoing friendship with Ella. It's a story about sorrow and joy—and how life really is.


Lagercrantz has written another cute book about the joys and sorrows of a young girl.  As school ends for the year, Dani is focused on finishing the book about the year that she has been writing, but she's having trouble coming up with a good ending.  Just as she looks to finish, she finds out her father has been badly injured in an accident and the book becomes secondary.  One thing that the author and illustrator do well is how real the feelings of this little girl are, along with the ups and downs of her life.  Friendship, loss of a parent, fear, school, and unkindness all come into play in this realistic story.  But while all Dani's troubles are solved by the end, things are starting to look up.  The mixture of illustrations and text make this a nice chapter book introduction for early readers who are looking to read more difficult texts.


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