SERIES THURSDAY: The Ghost in the Tree House by Dori Hillestad Butler


Here is Edgar Award Winner Dori Hillestad Butler's seventh title in her not-too-scary chapter book mystery series, The Haunted Library. Perfect for reluctant readers in the mood for a great mystery!

A group of girls in Claire’s town have noticed strange sights and sounds coming from the tree house where their club meets. Is it a rival boys’ club trying to scare them away? Or is it a ghost? The girls ask Claire to tackle the mystery—and Kaz hopes to finally find the rest of his missing family members!


Kaz and Claire set out to solve another mystery, this time a supposed ghost in a tree house.  Kaz and Little John are hoping that maybe this ghost will be another member of their family, who they are still trying to find. But like most mysteries it turns out to be more complicated than that.  Are the girls who use the tree house as a clubhouse imagining things or are the neighborhood boys just playing tricks?  It's up to Kaz and Little John to find the answers when they get left behind after finding their father who refusing to believe that that can be friends with Claire, a solid girl.  Another bead found suggests the boys' mother might be around, but is she the one haunting the tree house or is there another explanation.

I enjoy this series not only because of the readability of it but the creative way that Butler has merged the solving of mysteries with Kaz's development of his ghosting abilities.  The series develops naturally and each mystery is interesting with each mystery solved in a believable way.  I also love the fact that Kaz and Claire work from the local library.  This is a fun mystery series for young chapter book readers who like a story with a touch of the supernatural.  This series will be ending with the 8th book which makes for a nice number of stories.


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