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BLOG TOUR/GIVEAWAY: Evertaster: The Buttersmiths' Gold by Adam Glendon Smith

by Adam Glendon Sidwell

Everyone knows the most coveted treasure of the Viking Age was blueberry muffins.Blueberry muffins so succulent that if you sniffed just a whiff, you'd want a whole bite. If you bit a bite, you'd want a batch; if you snatched a batch, you'd stop at nothing short of going to war just to claim them all.
Young TorbjornTrofastsonn comes from the clan that makes them. He's a Viking through and through – he's thirteen winters old, larger than most respectable rocks, and most of all, a Buttersmith. That's what he thinks anyway, until a charismatic merchant makes Torbjorn question his place among the muffin-makers. When Torbjorn lets the secret of his clan's muffin recipe slip, he calls doom and destruction down upon his peaceful village and forces his brother Storfjell and his clansmen to do the one thing they are ill-prepared to do: battle for their lives.

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About The Buttersmiths' Gold
The Buttersmiths' Gold is a spin off novella in the Evertaster series that tells the story of two Viking brothers and their adventurous past. TheEvertaster series (Book #1 released June 14, 2012) is aboutGuster Johnsonville, who goes searching for a legendary taste rumored to be the most delicious in all of history. Along the way he meets a slew of mysterious characters, including two Viking brothers Torbjorn and Storfjell. The Buttersmiths' Gold is their story. 124 pages. By Adam Glendon Sidwell. Published by Future House Publishing.
A legendary taste.Sought after for centuries. Shrouded in secrecy.
When eleven-year-oldGuster Johnsonville rejects his mother’s casserole for the umpteenth time, she takes him into the city of New Orleans to find him something to eat. There, in a dark, abandoned corner of the city they meet a dying pastry maker. In his last breath he entrusts them with a secret: an ancient recipe that makes the most delicious taste the world will ever know — a taste that will change the fate of humanity forever.
Forced to flee by a cult of murderous chefs, the Johnsonvilles embark on a perilous journey to ancient ruins, faraway jungles and forgotten caves. Along the way they discover the truth: Guster is an Evertaster — a kid so picky that nothing but the legendary taste itself will save him from starvation. With the sinister chefs hot on Guster’sheels and the chefs’ reign of terror spreading, Guster and his family must find the legendary taste before it’s too late.

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In between books, Adam Glendon Sidwell uses the power of computers to make monsters, robots and zombies come to life for blockbuster movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean, King Kong, Transformers and Tron. After spending countless hours in front of a keyboard meticulously adjusting tentacles, calibrating hydraulics, and brushing monkey fur, he is delighted at the prospect of modifying his creations with the flick of a few deftly placed adjectives. He’s been eating food since age 7, so feels very qualified to write this book. He once showed a famous movie star where the bathroom was. Adam currently lives in Los Angeles, where he can’t wait to fall into the sea.


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Almost every historian you ever meet will tell you that there is nothing Vikings love more than blueberry muffins. Blueberry muffins with blueberries shining like gems atop the muffin’s golden crown. Blueberry muffins with little bubbles of succulent blue juice that burst in your mouth when you sever their skin with your teeth. Blueberry muffins for breakfast, blueberry muffins for lunch, blueberry muffins for supper next to your clan’s roaring fire in the longhouse.

Most historians would tell you that’s what Vikings love most. Most historians would be wrong.

“You boys sure seem to love muffins more than anything!” said Braxton. The old pilot had seen it all in his day – kangaroo rodeos, bees on bicycles, and even a fish who could shoot – but never ever in his whole life did he expect to be stranded on board a wooden ship in the middle of the sea with a pair of humongous Vikings.

And now that pair had laid aside their horned helmets and were shoveling blueberry muffins into their mouths by the fistful.

“Oh yah! ha ha!” laughed the larger of the two Vikings – his name was Storfjell – with a deep, rumbly laugh that shook his mountainous belly. Golden-brown muffin crumbs fell from Storfjell’s mouth into his silvery beard. He was at least eleven feet tall, with a pair of silver braids that must have been woven from moonbeams.

“What you are saying is a common mistake! We are loving blueberry muffins very much! But you know what we are loving even more?” Storfjell said between mouthfuls. Braxton’s watery eyes twinkled. The cows mooed. “I could venture a guess,” he said.


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Georgia Hatheway Beckman

MIDDLE GRADE BOOK REVIEW and GIVEAWAY: The Magician's Tower by Shawn Thomas Odyssey


Despite her extraordinary magical abilities and sleuthing skills, Oona Crate’s detective agency has failed to take off. But a new challenge captures her attention—The Magician’s Tower Contest.

Held every five years, no one has ever completed the array of dangerous tasks (such as racing on flying carpets or defeating a horde of angry apes). As the competition commences, a case emerges. A rare punchbowl—one with unparalleled magical powers—has disappeared from the carnival surrounding the Magician’s Tower. If Oona can find the culprit, she could use the bowl to answer her question about her mother’s and sister’s tragic deaths so many years ago—was she really at fault?

Full of magic, mystery, and fun, THE MAGICIAN’S TOWER continues the wonderful adventures of Oona Crate.


After reading the first book in this series, The Wizard of Dark Street, which I loved, I was really looking forward to this one.  And it didn't disappoint. Oona Crate wants to be a detective but no one will hire her.  So in the meantime she decides to compete in the Magician's Tower contest, which her father had almost won years earlier.  But when a case presents itself just as she should be focusing on the contest will she be able to handle both?

Once again, Odyssey writes a light, fun mystery with great characters and an entertaining plot.  I mean I've never read another book that involved apes throwing fruit, floating furniture, and booby-trapped clocks not to mention a grade school appropriate romance (just a brief kiss and some blushing). I think one of the things I love the most about this series is how Oona uses her reasoning skills to figure things out and not her rather remarkable magical skills. Part of that is fear from a past tragedy that she blames herself for and part of it is admiration for her father a past police inspector with no magical skills. I really like that this is not only a mystery but an untypical one, and it's quite refreshing to combine mystery and fantasy in such a fun way. Highly recommend.

1 copy of The Magician's Tower provided by publisher (THANKS!)
US/Canada only
13+ to enter

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BLOG TOUR: Lair of the Serpent by T. Lynn Adams


The shock of the assault caught the men off guard, and they struggled to control the American. 
They wrestled him to the ground, pinning him there, holding him fast, as Sang stood up from the ground.

Cursing in Khmer, Sang pointed the gun at Jonathon’s head and, without hesitating, pulled the trigger.

Jonathon can’t wait to surprise Delia for her birthday. With a little help from Delia’s brother, Severino, he plans to visit her in Cambodia where she’s working as a humanitarian volunteer.

But Jonathon arrives only to find a panicked Severino—and no Delia.

Jonathon and Severino are determined to find Delia before it’s too late—but it might not be that easy. Now, with the orphan Chey and their friend Juan, Jonathon and Severino must fight their way through human trafficking rings, a dense jungle, and a radical group bent on using Delia as a human sacrifice in order to find the Nāga Mani, a sacred and powerful stone.

Lair of the Serpent seamlessly blends intense action and suspense with family loyalty and tender romance. The rich setting and colorful characters will ignite your imagination, while the twisting plot and elements of fantasy will satisfy every adventurer’s thirst for exotic quests.


Writing has been part of the author’s career since she was fifteen years old. In addition to newspapers, she has written for many national and international publications. Currently she is the editor of a regional agriculture newspaper and relishes the opportunity to perform that work from her home. She and her husband are raising six children, and she is quick to tell you that means five to seven loads of laundry every day. It also means loads of laughter, which they enjoy doing more than anything else.

Besides being with her family, the author loves studying the scriptures, learning history, reading, and drawing. She served a mission to Peru and deeply treasures that experience. On a personal note, she will admit she is terrified of spiders, can’t fry an egg, and once burned a bag of potato chips. (She hid the bag in the oven to keep it from being devoured by her teenage sons and forgot it was there. Since then she has discovered the best hiding place in the entire house is the dishwasher. No teenager wants to get near one!)

There are two things that have influenced the author more than anything else. One is her family and the other is the gospel. She couldn’t imagine living without either one and is profoundly grateful to the Lord that His plan means she doesn’t have to choose. He has provided a way for us to enjoy both for an eternity. She only hopes she doesn’t have to do much laundry in Heaven.


Great characters with depth, check. Fascinating setting full of cultural and physical details, check. Thrilling adventure, check. This book has pretty much everything that a great book needs.  The characters are sympathetic and easy to relate to with strengths and weaknesses. Jonathan and Severino are both teenagers but they have experienced some pretty awful things (rattlesnake bites, being held hostage, threatened with death, etc). But nothing has prepared them for the disappearance of Delia, Severino's sister, while on a humanitarian mission to Cambodia. But neither boy will leave the country without her and the police aren't a lot of help.  I think one of the things that I love the most about Adams' books is the incredible detail in the setting. I could almost see, smell, and hear the place as I read.  This she manages to do while moving the story along at a rapid pace. This series of books really would make a great series of movies (which are in the works, I believe). Jonathan, Severino, and Delia are exposed to both the best and the worst that humanity has to offer and it makes for one incredible story. I highly recommend it (I would start with the first book in the series though, Tombs of Terror where Jonathan, Severino, and Delia meet for the first time). 

BLOG TOUR and GIVEAWAY: Rift Healer by Diane M. Haynes

Rift Healer Tour  

rift healerRift Healer

Rift Healer is the first installment of the 'Forest Magic' series, a Young Adult Fantasy/Romance set in Central and Western Massachusetts. After a minor earthquake, the enchanted forest in Bidwell, MA, is infested with monster-spewing rifts. Gisele Westerfield's great nephew, the gifted Micah, and his distant cousin, Selena, arrive to assist. Together with Gisele's summer students, twins Haley and Lacey, they will try to heal the magical forest. Much to the consternation of the beautiful Selena, Micah identifies Haley as The One whom he'll share his future. But after witnessing a terrifying display of Micah's Gift, Haley cools to his advances and unexpectedly discovers her own Gift-- she can heal the earth. Monsters, mayhem, and teenage angst follow the small group as they confront evil in the forest and a dangerous prediction that 'one will fall'. Will they heal the rifts in time? Can they save the unicorns? And is Haley really destined to be with Micah?

dianeAuthor Diane M. Haynes

Diane has lived in Massachusetts all her life where early on, her artistic talents were fostered, though her skills as an "excellent report writer" were often noted in previous employment. On her brother Rick's birthday, November 16, 2004, seven months after his death, she woke from an amazing dream which would not fade. She outlined the dream, made a few quick notes and days later produced a 12 page short story. After deciding her story was interesting but incomplete, she began writing her first novel, using her dream as its climax. She now believes the dream to be a 'Spirit Gift,' sent by her brother. Diane continues to reside in Central MA with her husband and a very naughty Basset Hound named Basil and his new adopted sister-Basset, Ruby, both of whom cleverly wreak havoc on the Haynes' formerly well-ordered lives. She spends her time writing, reading books about writing, talking about writing, painting with watercolors, antiqueing and attempting to train a very reluctant Basil and a willing, but highly comedic Ruby.


Haley glanced skyward in exasperation but allowed Lacey to push her into the small, exotically scented tent whose interior was draped in lavender flowing curtains. A small doily-covered table held a thick white candle, a deck of cards and a huge crystal ball. The girls sat down on metal folding chairs facing Madam Lola, whose jet-black hair and thick makeup did little to disguise her advancing age.

“Good evening,” Madam Lola welcomed them. “You vish see future?” she asked with an accent reminiscent of Dracula. 
Lacey’s mouth popped open. Haley swallowed hard.
Draculola began shuffling the worn cards, dozens of silver bracelets clanging halfway up her arms. “Tventy dollars, please.”
Haley reached into her pocket and placed all her babysitting money, plus Lacey’s five on the table as the reader reshuffled the deck with a practiced flair. 
“You haff question, or just vant a general reading?”
“Uh, just a general reading, I guess,” Haley replied after finding her voice.
“Good, ve begin. Cut ze deck.”
Lacey began to fidget, twisting in her seat, looking everywhere but at the reader. Haley poked her sister when it seemed like Draculola was reading their body language as well as the cards. After Haley cut the deck about halfway down, Lola revealed the first card.
“Ze Tower,” she said. “You’ve had a bad time. A deevorce or separation recently. Much pain, many changes.”
Mouths open, they exchanged astonished glances.
Madame Lola smiled. “Vas difficult, but better now.”
The girls nodded, quiet for once.
And with a single card, she has us, Haley thought, frowning as she sat in the stuffy tent. Another card.
“Hmmm,” Lola paused. “Next card….Knight of Swords. Good. A dark, handsome stranger comes. You afraid,” her accented voice lowered as she looked at Haley. “But he vaits for you.”
“Waits, dummy,” Lacey said, shaking her head. “He waits for you. Keep up.”
“Seven of Vands. A battle.” She frowned. “A battle without end. You fight vith someone?”
“Vands?” Almost afraid to ask, Haley regarded her sister with a questioning look.
“Wands!” Lacey made a disgusted face. “Why are you being so difficult? No, we’re not fighting with anyone.” A pause. “Are we?”
“No.” Haley sighed, her chin on her hand as she tried to devise a way to end this disaster. “Except each other.”
“You vill,” Lola insisted, nodding, “you vill.” 
She turned over another card, then another. “Sun reversed, Moon upright.” She frowned, lost in thought. “You are about to have ze most exciting and dangerous summer of your life.” A quick intake of breath and Lola’s eyes narrowed, as understanding seemed to dawn. She rubbed her hairy chin and looked down at the cards again before leaning forward. “Take every precaution. Accept all that is given you.” She touched her temple. “In my head I keep hearing, ‘One vill fall, one vill fall...’”
“When you say ‘fall,’ do you mean, like, die?” Haley said.
“Maybe. But maybe not.”
“One of us?” Lacey asked, eyes wide. 
“Not sure. Veddy unclear. Be veddy, veddy careful.” 
She turned over another card. “Three of Swords…betrayal.” 
She looked at Haley. “Not him,” she continued, pointing to the Knight with a long red fingernail. “Another. A scary, dangerous betrayal.”


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BLOG TOUR: Swept Up by the Sea by Tracy & Laura Hickman


Determined to seek his fortune, Percival Taylor leaves behind his sleepy hometown and sets out to become a legendary pirate only no one at the roguish seaport of Blackshore will allow him anywhere near a ship! Percival must find other means to win the heart of the beautiful Tuppence Magrathia-Paddock, who has mistaken him for a pirate rogue out of one of her romantic tales. She is entirely willing to swoon into his arms if he can prove his buccaneer soul and she is willing to arrange her own kidnapping to prove it. Percival eventually finds himself captain of a broken-down ship, complete with a crew of pirates.


NYT Best-selling fantasy authors Tracy Hickman, with his wife Laura, began their journey across the 'Sea of Possibilities' as the creators of 'Dragonlance' and their voyage continues into new areas with the 'Drakis' trilogy, 'Wayne of Gotham', a Batman novel for DC Comics and his 'Dragon's Bard' collector's series . Tracy has over fifty books currently in print in most languages around the world. A record of both Tracy and Laura's DNA currently orbits on the international space station and he is the writer and editor of the first science-fiction movie actually filmed in space. Follow them on Facebook or, of course,  on Goodreads!  


Swept Up by the Sea is a humorous, light romance revolving around the adventures of one Percival Taylor and Tuppence Magrathia-Paddock.  Percival arrives in Blackshore determined to become a pirate and have gentlemanly adventures. However, despite his best efforts every pirate ship in port rejects him, yet he persists in sneaking on board. In his efforts to defend himself from the pirates he inadvertently rescues Tuppence.  Tuppence is convinced that Percival is a 'rogue' and fantasizes about him.  When Tuppence is kidnapped Percival sets out to rescue her in his own rather bumbling way.  If you are looking for a serious romance with a great deal of depth this is probably not for you. But if like me you enjoy a light humorous fantasy where the hero/heroine are likeable but inept than I can heartily recommend this one.
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