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A NEW FAVORITE PICTURE BOOK SERIES : When Pencil Met Eraser and When Pencil Met the Markers by Karen Kilpatrick and Luis O. Ramos, Jr.

WHEN PENCIL MET ERASER Story by Karen Kilpatrick and Luis O. Ramos, Jr,  Illustrated by German Blanco Imprint, 2019 ISBN: 9781250309396 Source: purchased Ages 3-8 All opinions expressed are solely my o wn.   ABOUT THE BOOK Ever wonder why there's a little pink eraser on every pencil? Find out in this picture book that tells the true story of how Pencil and Eraser became the best of friends. When Pencil draws on the pages of this book, Eraser erases parts of Pencil's work, and the book itself becomes a canvas for their different takes on creativity--until the two discover their artwork is even better when they work together.   REVIEW   This delightful story provides an explanation for how pencil and eraser came together.  Pencil loves to draw and is very good at it.  Pencil is not impressed when Eraser erased some of the picture Pencil drew. Pencil tries to ignore Eraser, but Eraser continues to change Pencil's pictures. Finally, Pencil tries to stump Eraser's cre


DAN UNMASKED by Chris Negron Harper, 2020 ISBN: 9780062943064 Source: ARC from Blue Slip Media Ages 9-12 All opinions expressed are solely my own. ABOUT THE BOOK Whether they’re on the baseball field or in Nate’s basement, devouring the newest issue of their favorite comic book, Dan and Nate are always talking. Until they’re not. After an accident at baseball practice—an accident that Dan is certain he caused—Nate’s stuck in a coma. Usually, Dan can rely on his and Nate’s superpower—the secret language that only they know, a language of raised eyebrows and subtle nose taps. Now, if Dan ever wants to see Nate tap his nose again, he’s got to figure out a way to wake him up. But for all the time he’s spent reading about the adventures of Captain Nexus, Dan knows he’s no superhero. Heroes have powers—and without Nate, all Dan has is a closet stuffed with comics and a best-friend shaped hole in his heart. There’s no way a regular kid can save the day all on his own. Right? REVI