WILD & WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY: The Great White Shark Scientist by Sy Montgomery


Dr. Greg Skomal, biologist and head of the Massachusetts Shark Research Program, is investigating a controversial possibility: Might Cape Cod’s waters serve as a breeding ground for the great white shark, the largest and most feared predatory fish on Earth?  Sy Montgomery and Keith Ellenbogen report on this thrilling turning point in marine research and travel to Guadeloupe, Mexico, to get up close and personal with the sharks. This daring expedition into the realm of great whites shows readers that in order to save the planet and its creatures, we must embrace our humanity and face our greatest fears.


One of the things that I always enjoy about the Scientists in the Field series is a glimpse into the work that these scientists do to help the rest of us to better understand the world we live in.  And a topic as popular as sharks will make this book popular as well. Montgomery and Ellenbogen join Dr. Greg Skomal as he works to gather as much information as he can about the white sharks that visit Cape Cod's waters each year.  The gorgeous photographs join beautifully with the readable text to give the reader a look at the tremendous amount of work involved in just trying to find sharks and keep up with them long enough to film them and/or tag them when possible.  The information being gathered though gives the scientists and by extension, the reader, a glimpse into some of the habits of these amazing animals.  This is a series that I highly recommend for young readers who love animals and may want to study or work with them one day.


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