PICTURE BOOK REVIEWS: Books about great dads!


A funny father-son romp for fans of Don’t Push the Button! and Mustache Baby.

A young boy longs for a beard like Dad’s, and when he discovers a hair-growth product called Beard in a Box, he must have it! He rips open the package, plants the beard seeds, and waits . . .

And waits . . .

And waits.

Hilarious art and a feel-good ending make this the perfect Father’s Day gift for bearded and clean-shaven readers alike!


In this delightfully funny look at what makes dad so awesome, a young boy figures it's his father's beard that makes him so cool.  So he searches for a way to become awesome like his dad.  When he sees a commercial on TV for a beard in a box, he is ecstatic and orders one right away (after several misadventures, one involving shaving the cat).  But things don't work quite the way he expected and his frustration boils over, until awesome dad steps in to save the day.  Not only a fun look at a sweet relationship between father and son, but also a commentary on how misleading commercials can sometimes be.  A laugh-out-loud book that is bound to be a favorite of young readers.

Note: This book would also be great for a teacher/librarian to use in introducing the topic of media literacy/advertising.


Show Dad how much you care with this warm story of parent appreciation from the creators of The Perfect Hug and The Biggest Kiss, which School Library Journal called “a wonderful cuddle-up-and-read choice.”

When the clock ticks around to a bright new day, I know today will be filled with fun things to do with dad.

From his stubbly kisses to his sky-high piggyback rides to his bedtime stories, no one is quite like dad. This charming picture book is a celebration of fathers everywhere!


I Love Dad is a homage to the sweet relationship between this father dinosaur and his little one. Highlighting all the ways that this father provides for his son, it's clear that these two love each other.  The bright, colorful illustrations add the perfect touch to this adorable book about the fun a father and son can have together.  This book is a truly worthy tribute to those father's who sacrifice so much to spend time with their children.  Fathers like mine.


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