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I read most genres of children's books. My special love, however, is for books that take place in countries outside of the United States. This must be a side effect of my geography education background. I also read young adult books, but I'm quite selective since middle grade is my favorite genre. I also read a lot of picture books and early chapter books.

I do review self-published books, but they have to be professionally edited and designed, and they have to catch my interest (I get a lot of submissions). I do judge a book by its cover, sadly, so if your cover has amateurish-looking artwork or design, I most likely won't go any further. I've found that the quality of the cover is usually a good indicator of the quality of the work inside.

I will respond only if I'm interested in reviewing the book.

I am willing to participate in blog tours and do interviews, giveaways, and guest posts.

If you wish to have me review a book, please contact me at


  1. Heidi, I did find you. Please ignore the FB message I sent. I'd love to do a giveaway on your site. I'll send you both Texting Through Time books if you'd like. Thanks again. Christy

  2. Hi Heidi, I did find you. Please ignore the message I sent you on face book. I'd love to send you both Texting Through Time books for a giveaway. Thanks again, Christy Monson

  3. Hello Heidi,
    I wonder if I could impose upon you to give my book "The Bully Barn" a read and possibly consider a review as I think that it may perhaps be of interest to you. I developed the story subsequent to several years of experience as a school liaison/resource officer where my role was both educational and investigative in nature (but primarily educational). I used it as a teaching aid for myself as well as other educators including parents (bearing in mind that it represents a small portion of a multifaceted educational approach to bullying).
    The Bully Barn is a story about a mouse named Marty who is incessantly bullied by numerous animals on the farm. I teaches the various forms of bullying and highlights the important role of bystanders & "agitators" (part of the solution or part of the problem). Since one cannot force children (or anyone for that matter) to "like" one another then the message is also one of tolerance. The story is appropriate for children from about 8 to 12 ish but can be of benefit to other age groups as well. I would welcome and value your honest opinion should you have the time and inclination to read it. I will gladly forward you a PDF copy if you wish. If not then please forgive me if I have bothered you.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Rob Gioia

  4. Hey Heidi,
    Your email bounced back to me twice, is it still active?

    1. My email is still active, I'm not sure why you couldn't get through. Yahoo can be a pain sometimes. Sigh.


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