PICTURE BOOK FANTASY FICTION REVIEW : Scooper and Dumper by Lindsay Ward



The best of friends, Scooper the front loader and Dumper the snowplow take care of their town in all kinds of weather. One day a snowstorm hits, and the big city needs their help to clear the roads. Each of them must be brave in their own way to get the job done.

This wintry adventure spotlights the ideas of individual strengths, teamwork, and friendship in a vehicle buddy story that boys and girls alike will love.
Dumper clears the roads and dumps salt to keep them clear.  Scooper loads Dumper so he can do his job.  Each has their role to play in helping the community.  When a nearby big city needs their help, Scooper loads Dumper and Dumper sets off to clear roads.  But when things go wrong it's up to Scooper to step out of her comfort zone and save the day.  This is a cute story about friendship and using our strengths to help each other out when needed.  The illustrations are darling (Scooper has a polka-dot bow) and the rhymes work well as a read aloud.  A great story for young vehicle lovers as well as a thoughtful story about each of us finding our niche.


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