Tuesday, March 7, 2017

PICTURE BOOK REVIEWS: Fantastic Flowers/Zebra on the Go/We Love You, Rosie


Flowers that look like ballerinas? Baboons? A swaddled baby? Strangely enough it's all true and Susan Stockdale highlights seventeen flowers that look an awful lot like something else.  It reminds me a bit of the cloud game, where you try to see things in the clouds, except with flowers.  This is a great book to use to introduce children to plants and the amazing variety and the strange characteristics of flowers.  In addition, Stockdale also gives a brief overview of pollination.  Photographs are included at the end along with the official names, scientific names, and pollinators for each plant.  A great book for teaching or just a fun introduction to amazing nature.


What a fun book!  As the circus begins the show, the zebra accidentally steps on Lion's toe.  In pain and anger, Lion chases Zebra out of the circus tent and down the street, over the boardwalk, and onto a boat.  Hilarity ensues as the Zebra strives to stay one step a head of Lion. Not only is the short, rhyming text fun to read, but the illustrations are full of details as the entire circus follows the chase out of the tent, down the street to the ocean.  Spotting the monkeys, the bears, and the other members of the circus and what they are doing on each page makes for a lot of fun.  The story is silly and funny and ends perfectly.


Rosie, the dog, goes in and out, up and down, lost and found, but no matter what or where she goes, her family loves her.  With the bright colors and basic shapes as well as the repetitive text and emphasis on opposites make this a great book for preschoolers.  The book is broken up into short four page little chapters, each chapter is focused on a pair of opposites.  The two children take great care of their adventurous dog, who they love no matter what she does.  A fun introduction to pets as well as opposites.

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