#MMGM: Worst-Case Collin by Rebecca Carrara



Ever since his mother's death, Collin manages his anxiety by keeping a notebook full of emergency preparedness advice. In tender free verse, Caprara allows Collin to tell of his heartache and frustration.  While he has two fabulous friends in prankster Liam, and outspoken Georgia, he doesn't dare tell them how life is deteriorating at home.  Collin's mother kept his father's hoarding tendencies under control before her death, but now that she's gone, the hoarding's taking over the house. On top of all that, a kid named Tyson continues to torment Collin, even after his companion in bullying moves. My heart broke for Collin as he struggles to keep his head above water, so to speak, being on the swim team helps, his friends help, but his efforts to communicate with his father continue to fail and the house continues to fill up with all the junk his father brings home. Thing eventually come to a head leaving Collin, his father, and friends to deal with the fallout.  

Collin won me over immediately, Caprara nails his voice and the anxiety he wrestles to contain. I loved his friendships with Liam and Georgia.  The interactions between the three had me laughing at times despite the serious issues contained in the book.  Everyone should be so lucky to have friends like these three. The inclusion of advice from Collin's notebook about emergency preparedness works well, not only to give readers a glimpse into Collin's mind and coping strategies, but it's also good advice. And Collin's efforts to be prepared for disaster pay off in the long run. I also really, really appreciate that in the end Collin and his father get the help they so desperately need. A fabulous read that all too many middle grade readers will be able to relate to weather they struggle with a mental illness themselves or not.


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