GRAPHIC NOVEL REVIEW: Rover and Speck--This Planet Rocks! by Jonathan Roth


Rover lands on a rocky planet only to discover that his antenna broke on the descent.  The explorer decides to begin its journey by examining the planet as it was designed to do.  As Rover looks for life, it finds many rocks and minerals. Only when it scans for 'not-life' and 'not-rocks' does it find something different.  The 'not-life' and 'not-rock' turns out to be another rover called Special Planet Explorer Class-K, shortened to SPECK. Speck, unfortunately, doesn't remember anything about its mission and after charging its solar batteries, joins Rover exploring the planet. For a robot, Speck does puppy dog eyes really well. Speck's enthusiasm and Rover's expertise make them a good team, especially when the run into a bunch of rock people who want to smash them.  It will take all of the ingenuity and equipment they possess to find a way to save themselves and contact Rover's ship.  Not only is this a delightfully illustrated graphic novel perfect for young readers (ages 6-8), but it's quite funny as well. I found myself grinning more than once at Speck's antics (SOS stands for Save Our Speck).  Scattered throughout the book are fun science facts about things such as minerals, time, space caves, and ancient art. I found the illustrations to be bright, colorful, and very appealing, it's bound to catch the eye of young readers. Many young readers are likely to enjoy reading about Rover and Speck's adventures.  I look forward to reading their future adventures.


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