This hilarious tale follows the misadventures of young Mabel and her family as they try to choose a family pet.  Naturally, Mabel starts the process by choosing an elephant.  After getting sat on by said pet, the mother insists Mabel choose a smaller pet.  But ants, it turns out, are too small and get lost in Dad's underpants.  And so it goes as the family then proceeds to go through a skunk, a python, a spider, and several other animals. What makes it especially funny is that the children take the chaos all in stride, it's the parents and grandparents who get upset.  Finally, Mabel realizes that the best pet would be something "furry and sweet".  She lists every characteristic she can think of for the best pet and finally chooses what she thinks will be the ideal pet for her family.  The funniest part of the whole book though is what the final pet turns out to be; it isn't likely to be what you think.  Children are bound to thoroughly enjoy this book and all the mishaps and funny moments that Mabel and her family experience.  Beardshaw's bright, colorful pencil and digital illustrations are eye-catching and match the fun tone of the story.  This book is a story-time winner for sure. Highly recommended.


Anyone who has ever had a song stuck in their head will be able to appreciate the situation in which Little Worm finds himself.  He keeps singing, "Shimmy shimmy, no-sashay" over and over, but he has no idea how the song got stuck in his head.  Owl kindly explains that he has an ear worm.  But he further explains he did not give Little Worm his song, before singing and dancing to his own song.  Owl accompanies Little Worm as he continues on his way.  The same basic conversation happens with Chipmunk, Bunny, and Fox.  While the other animals songs and dances are fun, Little Worm gets frustrated with not getting an answer to his question.  Finally, he is having so much fun singing and dancing with the other animals that he forgets his question altogether.  It isn't until later at home that he finds an answer to his question.  This book is fully of silliness and fun and young listeners may very well want to come up with their own song and dance. Bernstein's cute illustrations match the fun as readers get to see the animals be-bop across the pages.  A fun time is likely to be had by all while reading this delightful offering.


While fairly quiet in tone, this sweet tale is bound to make you smile.  Audrey and Lion like to celebrate, but not necessarily the typical things such as birthdays. After celebrating someone's birthday with a purple balloon and cheers, Lion and Audrey celebrate Tuesdays and coconuts.  They also celebrate orange, yellow, and purple.  When Audrey comes across Lion on what he calls "an ordinary day", Audrey decides that even ordinary days are worth celebrating.  The soft pencil and watercolor illustrations highlight the sweet friendship between the girl and lion as they find joy in celebrating all sorts of wonderful things.  Young readers/listeners are bound to want to celebrate all kinds of things themselves after reading this tender tale.


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