PICTURE BOOK REVIEWS : Mi Casa is My Home by Laurenne Sala & Ada and the Galaxies by Alan Lightman and Olga Pastuchiv



This lovely book follows a young girl named Lucia as she shows the reader around her house.  The front porch, living room, kitchen, backyard, bathroom, brother's room, and her room are all explored.  Lucia explains the kind of activities that take place in each room with various family members and extended family and friends.  Games that are played, meals made and eaten, imaginations activated are all explored through the various locations.  Spanish words are scatter throughout the text.  Most of them can be understood in context, but I would still have liked to have a glossary and pronunciation guide to make it a bit easier to understand for those who don't read Spanish.  Overall, this book offers a delightful glimpse into the life and culture of a diverse young girl and her family and friends. Recommended.


Ada loves to look at the sky, especially the stars, but living in the city as she does, she doesn't get to see them very often.  A trip to see her grandparents in Maine gives Ada a chance to see the stars, but she has a hard time waiting for night to come.  To keep her occupied, Ada and her family go down to the beach where they explore the shoreline and the creatures that live there.  When a fog rolls in, it seems that Ada has lost her chance to enjoy the stars, but her grandfather pulls out some books and teachers her about galaxies.  The lovely watercolor and digital illustrations are complemented nicely by actual photographs of galaxies.  This delightful book combines a wonderful familial relationship between a grandfather and granddaughter but provides wonderful science information about a shoreline habitat and galaxies.  A wonderful book to share with children who are intrigued by science.


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