PICTURE BOOK REVIEWS : The Magical Yet by Angela Diterlizzi & The Power of Yet by Maryann Cocca-Leffler

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This Yet finds a way, even when you don't,And, Yet knows you will, when you think you won't.
Each of us, from the day we're born, is accompanied by a special companion--the Yet. Can't tie your shoes? Yet! Can't ride a bike? Yet! Can't play the bassoon? Don't worry, Yet is there to help you out.
Told in tight rhyme reminiscent of the great Dr. Seuss himself, this rollicking, inspirational picture book is perfect for every kid who is frustrated by what they can't do . . . YET.
A young girl crashes riding her bike.  As she walks her damaged bike home in frustration, the narrator tells her about The Magical Yet.  Depicted as a bright magical creature, The Magical Yet has helped the girl in the past as she learned to speak and crawl and walk.  The narrator reminds the girl that this creature will help her as she struggles to learn new skills.  The Magical Yet helps her persist through mistakes and failures and keep trying until success comes.  Patience and practice are required, but with the help of The Magical Yet, skills will develop and grow and eventually you will get where you want to go.  This story of a personified "Magical Yet" reminds readers of the power of not quitting.  The power in continuing to try new things even as mistakes and mishaps occur.  Alvarez's digital illustrations beautifully compliment DiTerlizzi's rhyming text.  Showing a girl and her bike throughout, the illustrations focus on her efforts to ride her bike.  In addition the illustrations show other characters learning various skills:  learning to play an instrument, painting, skateboarding, dancing, saying tongue twisters, etc.  This book provides a fun way to encourage students to keep trying.  The book could also easily be used to teach personification.

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An inspiring young picture book about overcoming challenges and frustrations with the Power of Yet.
“I can’t do it!”
“Can’t do it yet.”
This charming picture book tells the story of one small piglet who uses the Power of Yet to conquer frustration. While it may not be possible to perfectly flip pancakes or play the violin yet, with practice and patience and courage and grit, anything is possible!
A young piglet tries to ride a bike, join a baseball team, plan a violin, flip pancakes, and ride a roller coaster.  He finds to his chagrin that he is either too small, too young, or simply not advanced enough in his skills.  After hearing the phrase, "Not yet" for the umpteenth time, the piglet cries out in frustration.  His mother explains to him that "yet" requires "growing and doing, patience and time".  She gently points out that "to get to YET' he will fail, practice, and fail again.  He'll need to work with others who can help him, and wait to get older and bigger.  He'll need GRIT.  Eventually, he'll have "learned the How!"  This adorable book is a great way to help young children understand the power of yet, of persistence, and practice, and waiting.  A book for understanding the importance of falling and picking oneself up.  The illustrations are cute and beautifully compliment the text.


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