MIDDLE GRADE NONFICTION REVIEW : Kids vs. Plastic by Julie Beer



It's in your toothbrush ... your clothes ... your earbuds. Chances are, you're touching it right now. We're talking about plastic! Plastic is absolutely everywhere and in practically everything we touch, from pens to water bottles to sports equipment. And a lot of it is used once and then thrown away. Unfortunately, it takes a REALLY long time for plastic to break down and it can be harmful to our environment, especially wildlife. But why and when did we start using it in so much stuff? And how do we stop?

Discover shocking stats and surprising facts; inspirational interviews with National Geographic explorers and leading researchers who are working tirelessly to protect the planet; tons of simple suggestions for sustainable swaps; and more eco-friendly choices and smart action steps. This book answers all of your burning questions about plastic and offers tangible ways to get involved, reduce plastic use, and create a more plastic-free future!


Like many other National Geographic titles, this book uses an appealing, attractive design, gorgeous photographs, and solid information to share with readers the importance of addressing the problem of plastic pollution.  The book includes stunning statistics combined with powerful photographs, personal stories of those already involved in addressing the problem, and tips for becoming involved in solving the problem.  Information about what is currently being done about plastics and what can be done to help the cause are provided.  The widespread use of plastics in both necessary and unnecessary ways is explained.   Ways to recycle and reuse various types of plastics are recommended.  The creative ways that current businesses and individuals are working to address the problem of plastics in landfills and the oceans.  This is an excellent title for presenting information about an important current issue with lots of solid recommendations for kids to follow to help address the problem.  A great combination of information and call to action that is visually appealing and factually solid.


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