MIDDLE GRADE/YOUNG ADULT NONFICTION : Beneath the Waves by Stephanie Warren Drimmer

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Open this charming read-aloud book and you'll find amazing animal profiles, whimsical poetry, stunning photography, plus fascinating information about the wondrous creatures that call the ocean home. Starting with the seashore and journeying through the ocean's zones, readers will discover mangrove forests, coral reefs, and the deepest ocean depths. On this journey they will discover some of the extraordinary animals that live on shore and under the sea. Along the way, readers will enjoy poems, stories, fun facts, photo galleries, and more. Highlights include a foreword from explorer and renowned photojournalist Brian Skerry; an interview with National Geographic Explorer and marine conservationist Jess Cramp; a poem by former children's poet laureate J. Patrick Lewis; the work of Explorer-in-Residence and ocean ecologist Enric Sala; and an afterword by renowned ocean conservationist Sylvia Earle. This keepsake treasure is sure to wow readers while also serving as an important reminder to protect this precious and wonderful resource.'
I thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful book.  The photographs and design are especially striking with gorgeous full page photographs alternating with smaller photos highlighting specific ocean species.  As with so many National Geographic books, the photographs are excellent, even awe-inspiring in some cases.  The text consists of poems, brief descriptions of individual species, as well as longer sections highlighting certain animals.  The book is divided up by habitat starting with beaches and coastlines to ocean forests, and the open ocean.  Each section gives a brief description of the habitat and then highlights what life is like there and some of the species that make that habitat their home.  References are made to some of the challenges that the animals have in terms of pollution, habitat loss, and climate change.  For readers looking for a gift type book that showcases the wonders of the ocean, I highly recommend this one! 


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