THE SECRET LIVES OF ANIMALS by Stacy Tornio and Ken Keffer


The Secret Lives of Animals is the perfect mix of field guide know-how and armchair entertainment. In addition to the standard field guide notes and range maps, the meat of the book will offer up spark moments in nature something fascinating or memorable that catches your attention and sets you on a path of lifelong learning. The Secret Lives of Animals will feature more than 100 North American animals and over 1,000 tidbits in a fun, colorful, illustrated format."


As far as animal encyclopedia's go this one has a tremendous amount of information available for readers.  I learned a great deal about all sorts of different animals from North America. Each animal or group of animals is briefly described followed by a list of interesting facts then information about the size, range, food, and predators of that animal.  In addition there are special sections highlighting unique species from around the world as well as ideas for exploring the outdoors.  A fun book for young animal lovers, the only thing I would have liked to have more of would be more illustrations and/or photographs.  Each animal has one illustration connected to it, but it would have been nice to have more.  But the space is full of facts that are bound to fascinate young readers who long to know more.


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