They run in packs, stalk their prey, and howl at the moon. And no matter where you are--they're always lurking somewhere nearby. Wolves, the predatory puppy dogs of the wild, are feared and loved by people everywhere. But are they misunderstood?

In this fascinating level 2 reader, you'll learn that there's much more to being a wolf than most people could ever believe. Did you know that each pack has a pecking order? That wolves can "talk" to each other using body language? Or that they're actually not out to attack humans, they usually leave people well enough alone? Full of incredible photographs and interesting information, NGR Wolves will appeal to all kids.


Wolves are a popular topic with children.  Young readers can't help but want to know everything they can about their favorite animal.  These National Geographic Readers are a great resource for these type of young readers.  Not only are they well-written, sharing great factual information, but they have amazing photographs and a fabulous book design.  I even learned some things reading this book.  For example, I didn't know that there are more than thirty kinds of gray wolves.


Inspiring young animal lovers to get up close to howling wolves and the real-life challenges they face is what Mission: Animal Rescue: Wolves is all about. With fun and amazing adventure stories, gorgeous photography, hands-on activities, fascinating information, and more, this book taps into kids' interest in animals AND their passion for saving them. Meet real-life wolves and learn about their habitats, challenges, and successes, plus learn how YOU can take action and save these amazing endangered creatures. 


Wolf Rescue is a fun book for wolf fans who not only want to learn more about wolves but those who want to get involved in helping to save them.  Now of course most children can't participate directly in wolf research, but this book provides some ideas for ways that children who love wolves can learn more about wolves and about research by exploring their own neighborhoods and looking for dogs and other canid activity.  There is additional information about specific wolves and wolf researchers who've worked hard to study and save wolves.  The beautiful photographs add the perfect touch.  This book is a good resource for young readers who not only want to know everything they can about wolves but how to help save them as well.


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