WILD & WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY: The Deer with the Purple Nose by Wayne L. Brillhart


Two English Setters, Rusty and Purdy, see a deer with a purple nose and ask her how her nose became purple. The deer denies having a purple nose. The dogs talk to 10 different backyard birds to solve the mystery. A chipmunk, ground hog and racoon help also. The book is all photographs on glossy pages so it is fun for all ages, but targeted for 2 yrs to 3rd grade.


When I heard about this book full of photographs that's a mystery I was definitely intrigued.  And now having read it, I still find it a remarkably clever idea.  First off, the photographs are beautiful and arranged in a way to tell the story.  It's amazing the way the author/photographer managed to take photographs that work so well.  The main characters are the dogs Purdy and Rusty who see their friend Dottie the deer with a purple nose and are determined to find out why.  The dogs start by talking to the animals around them to see who saw Dottie last.  Many of the animals they talk to are different types of birds.  While I figured out the answer to the mystery very quickly, I don't think most children will figure it out as quickly and those who do will be thrilled to be right.  Part of the purpose of the book is to highlight different types of birds from the Americas.  The end of the book shares additional information about each of the different types of birds, as well as information about the ideas and photographs in the book.  A different type of mystery that joins both the beauty of the natural world and a fun mystery.


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