PICTURE BOOK REVIEWS: Cat & Bunny by Mary Lundquist/A Castle Full of Cats by Ruth Sanderson


From the heartwarming text to the adorable illustrations of little kids dressed as animals, there's so much to love about Mary Lundquist's debut picture book, Cat & Bunny. Cat and Bunny. Bunny and Cat.

It's always been just the two of them--daydreaming, having adventures, playing their special game. Until the day someone else asks, "Can I play?"

Mary Lundquist captures all the charm and magic of first friendship in her winning debut picture book.


Friendship can be a bit tricky at any age.  Cat and Bunny are faced with one of those friendship dilemmas that most children face at one time or another.  Used to playing only with Bunny, Cat is thrown for a loop when Bunny lets the other animals (children) join their made-up game.  Wandering off sadly, Cat hopes that Bunny will join her, but is instead joined by a playful kitten and a ball of yarn.  Bored, Cat decides to make up a new game to play with her new friend. The game is so fun that the other kids want to join in, including Bunny.  This is a cute book with a sweet story about adjusting to the changes that friendship brings.



The queen’s cats have taken over the palace, and the king has had enough! Beloved artist Ruth Sanderson brings her signature detailed and lush style to this humorous story of royal compromise. Told in rhyme, and with dozens of cats on each page, this gorgeous book is sure to have cat lovers of all ages purring!


I've long been a fan of Ruth Sanderson and cats so when I heard about this book I knew I had to get my hands on it.  This is a delightful book for cat fans, there are dozens of cats scattered throughout this book, not to mention a beautiful queen and handsome queen.  The cats efforts to win over the king made me smile.  Cats are after all known for their individuality.  The whole theme of compromise is beautifully handled and subtle enough for adults.  But my favorite part of the book are the gorgeous illustrations with cats everywhere.  The detail allows for plenty of study, especially the cats various activities.  A fun book for royalty lovers and cat lovers alike.


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