Tuesday, February 10, 2015

PICTURE BOOK REVIEW: Naked Trevor by Rebecca Elliott


Naked Trevor is a beautiful jacketed picture book about a "naked" bird who tries to find the perfect outfit.

It's a well-kept secret that all birds are naked, and every morning they put on their feathery clothes to go about their day. But Trevor refuses to wear his sparrow outfit, much to the horror of his family. In a quest to find his own unique look, he crashes into a pile of sticky mud and colorful flowers. He ends up looking the best he ever has, inspiring the birds around him to shed their own boring outfits!


When I first heard the title of this book, I assumed that it would be funny.  It does have the word naked in it after all.  And it turns out that I was right.  Naked Trevor is a cute, funny story about a bird who doesn't want to keep doing what all his ancestors have done (dressing as sparrows), he wants to find his own way of dressing.  He sets out to see what he can find and discovers that flying without feathers doesn't work so well.  He returns home discouraged only to discover that beauty can come from disaster. The joke at the end while funny made me a little uncomfortable since it is a tad crude (potty humor type joke), but I have no doubt that children will find it funny.

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