“Countdown to a Meaningful Life”
Week 2: Courage

To celebrate the upcoming publication of THE WISDOM OF MERLIN: 7 Magical Words for a Meaningful Life by T.A. Barron, we are participating in a countdown campaign based on Merlin’s answer to the question: “What is the meaning of life?” Surprisingly, the answer has only seven words…but they are the most powerful words of all. 

Each week we will focus on one of these magical words with supporting content that will help your readers and followers acknowledge, reflect, practice and get inspired to embark on a new adventure or live life to its fullest. We continue this week with Courage

“Think of your life as a story—a story of which you are the author. Using whatever material you have and whatever inspiration you find, make it a story that truly belongs to you…make it the very best story you can.”

“At the end of your days, what you’ll most regret is not what you tried and failed—but what you never tried at all.”

Famous Quotes on Courage

·         From caring comes courage. Lao Tzu

Movies that Demonstrate Courage for Young Children

·         Wizard of Oz
·         E.T.
·         The Karate Kid
·         The Lion King
·         The Iron Giant

Courage to be Yourself Movies

·         Pretty in Pink
·         The Truman Show
·         Mean Girls
·         Napoleon Dynamite
·         Little Miss Sunshine

Activate, Engage, or Practice:

·         Read literature and news, and watch movies about tales of courage.

·         Everyday visualize your goal and take one small step toward it. 

·         Conquering fear of the unknown is one way to help build courage. Start something new, do a project or task differently or take an alternate route will help you discover your strength and bolster your self-confidence.

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