Walnut and his mom agree that it would be fun if he could go to work with her, and they fantasize about the adventures they could share. Though it can't always happen, Walnut’s mother assures him that he is always on her mind, and together they find ways to have a physical presence for each other when at work or school. This light-hearted story provides parents an opportunity to reassure children on their importance in busy parents' lives.


This is a cute story about a young squirrel that doesn't want his mother to go to work.  It's both a fun imaginative tale as Walnut and his mom imagine what they would do if Walnut could fit in her briefcase and go to work with her.  But in the end they have to face the problem of how to cope with missing each other.  I think most readers will find that the solution is an appropriate one that works for both mother and son.  And the explanation for why mom has to go to work is a good one as well. Ultimately, Walnut is reassured that his mom will never forget him and that they will get their snuggle time at the end of the day.  The adorable illustrations add the perfect touch to this sweet story.


Bob and Rob are two squirrels who just love eating corn on the cob. Their friends—a duck, a dog, a chicken, and a piglet—also love corn on the cob, but not Ella Mae Dobbs, a rabbit with a more refined palate. She’s a little bit of a snob when it comes to trying foods she doesn’t like. She prefers curly-cut carrots, hot cheese fondue, and especially tofu! Bob and Rob devise a plan to get Ella Mae to try corn on the cob—and in return they will try some of her favorite foods too. And while they may not find their next favorite food, Bob, Rob, and even Ella Mae Dobbs find that it’s important to try new foods. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you find.

From debut author and illustrator Todd McQueen, Bob & Rob & Corn on the Cob is a whimsical, educational, and hilarious romp into the world of two corn on the cob–loving squirrels. Perfect for the picky eater in your life who isn’t getting the message through Green Eggs and Ham, this is sure to have them giggling while trying foods they originally turned their noses up at.


What a wacky, funny story!  I think that this story mostly just reminded me that we all have different tastes in terms of what we like to eat but if we are all willing to compromise a bit, common ground can be found.  Bob and Rob and their friends all love corn on the cob, but not Ella Mae Dobbs who prefers carrots and tofu, although she wouldn't mind having a kabob.  But thanks to some wheeling and dealing (sorry Rob about having to eat tofu) and the help of a lost little robot, they discover that tastes can change and fun can be had by all.  This would make for a fun read-aloud with the quick, expressive text and the surprise at the end.


Squirrel is busy collecting acorns and doesn’t have time to play with his friends. But when things go wrong, Squirrel needs some help. Will his friends come to the rescue?

This beautifully illustrated book teaches children the true meaning of friendship. Sometimes, when life gets hard and busy, and we push people away, we realise that true friends will always be there for you no matter what.


It's easy to forget sometimes to put first things first.  In this book Squirrel is so focused on collecting acorns that he doesn't take the time to play with his friends.  Of course in real life nobody can play all the time, so this book could make for an interesting discussion about when it's time to play versus time to work.  But in this case Squirrel faces a catastrophe that he overcomes with the help of his friends proving that sometimes working together means time for both work and play.  The illustrations are darling and help create a sweet, peaceful environment.
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