Monday, June 16, 2014

PICTURE BOOK SERIES: Mouse Math by Kane Press

Mouse Math is a fun series by Kane Press that shares fun stories with math mixed in.  Here are two books in the series.


Today is the day: Alberts very first trip to the People Kitchen! With help from his big sister, Wanda, Albert will hunt for all kinds of crumbs, treats, and goodies. But first he has to find a hiding place from the cat! (Math topic: One-to-One Correspondence)


Math is a subject that many children find it hard to relate to because they don't see it as being relevant to their own lives.  This book shows that math is indeed a part of our lives by sharing a story about Albert and his need to find his very own hiding place.  One creature can hide in one hiding place.  This creates a fun story but also a great teaching opportunity as the reader can talk about this math concept.  There is also a teaching guide at the end of the book that shares ideas for following up on the topic both through discussion and activities.


Albert, Wanda, and Cousin Pete are sneaking into the People Kitchen for food. Albert is the smallest mouse, so he gets the smallest bag . . . and the smallest piece of fruit. But Albert dreams of bagging the biggest piece of fruit in the whole kitchen . . . if only he can avoid the cat! (Math concept: Comparing Sizes: Big and Small)


This is a cute story about Albert's desires for ever bigger fruit, but in order to carry them he needs bigger and bigger bags to carry them in, until he ends up with a bag big enough for a watermelon, but ends up using the bag for something else entirely.  And he learns that sometimes are ideas are bigger than are ability to carry them out.  The concepts of bigger and smaller a nicely addressed with a guide at the end of the book that suggests ways to emphasize these concepts.

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  1. What a great idea, math incorporated into a story. Looks like a fun read. :)


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