BLOG TOUR: Millie Fierce Sleeps Out by Jane Manning


Little girls can be strong and fierce and brave—and sometimes their ferocity is just the thing they need to save the day.

Millie is strong. Millie is fierce. But Millie has learned to keep her fierceness in check. And since she’s been sweet all summer long, Millie gets to have a sleepout with her friends. One where she promises to be well behaved. But things don't go as Millie planned, and our fierce little heroine is not happy.  Still, she tries her best to keep her fierceness inside. But when the scary dog from next door howls at the girls' tent, Millie's ferocity saves them all!


Illustrator of many books for children. Her memories of being a young girl riding her favorite horse, Killarny, provided some of the inspiration for Cindy Ellen. She lives in Deep River, Connecticut.


Giggle, giggle, sigh.  What a fun picture book!  This makes a great sequel to Manning's original Millie Fierce.  In the original book, Millie learns that being fierce can ruin friendships, parties, and make people mad and sad.  So Millie keeps her fierceness in all summer and her mother lets her have a sleep out.  Millie works hard to make the sleep out all kinds of fun, but when things start going wrong she struggles to keep her fierceness under control.  It turns out though that sometimes a little fierceness can save the day.

Not only is the book a lot of fun (Millie's sleep out sounds like a real blast!) but it also teaches young readers about self-control and the importance of standing up for oneself at the same time.  This kind of story can so easily be didactic and eye-rollingly obvious, but Manning does a nice job of allowing Millie to be herself as she struggles to deal with disappointments and irritations.  A great book for both enjoyment and learning, especially for young readers who struggle with fierceness themselves.



  1. I do love Millie - what a character she is!

    Thanks for being on the tour.


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