Monday, June 23, 2014

MMGM: Hunter Moran Hangs Out by Patricia Reilly Giff


When Hunter and his twin brother Zack, of the chaotic Moran family, hear there's going to be a kidnapping in their town, the two boys are on high alert. But this isn't the only threat they're facing-- there's a probable axe murderer in an abandoned house, definitely dead bodies in the pond, and their Mom is heading to the hospital to give birth to a new sibling, in this hilarious sequel to Hunter Moran Saves the Universe.


I've got some rather mixed feelings about this book. On one hand the book is funny with all the shenanigans that Hunter and his twin, Zack get themselves mixed up in.  On the other hand, as an adult I winced at some of the antics of the brothers.  Luckily things all work out in the end, but I had a hard time with the lack of adult supervision as the boys snuck out at night, fell out of trees, snuck into neighbors basements, and tricked adults.

However, from a child's point of view, all of this is great fun and quite funny as the boys cause havoc wherever they go.  The family interactions were quite entertaining and felt very genuine.  Hunter and Zack don't really get along with their older siblings, Linny (a silly, interfering older sister) and William (always painting something, just plain 'weird').  They do care a great deal about their five-year-old brother, Steadman, who they believe is the kidnapper's target.  But Steadman is always wandering away which complicated things (although I think Steadman is smarter than his older brothers). The twins determination to get their coming sibling named K.G. (short for Killer Godzilla) is an amusing side plot. 

The language of the story felt very childlike, but the phrasing was a little unusual in places.  The reasoning of the boys also felt real if very flawed.

Overall, an amusing read for children, somewhat wince-inducing for adult readers.

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  1. I am prepared for the wince and ready to read this one. Thanks!


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