Monday, June 9, 2014

NONFICTION MONDAY: Dead Strange by Matt Lamy



This amazing collection contains entries on everything from the bizarre to the horrific, and from the spooky to the just plain confounding. The book gives essential background information on the events and the people involved, discusses the impact of particular myths and beliefs, and provides updates on the latest investigations being undertaken in an attempt to find answers to these baffling phenomena. From Loch Ness to Bigfoot, spontaneous combustion to Roswell, each entry is supported with sidebars related to pop culture, and comes with a wealth of photographs.


I found this book to be rather fascinating.  Humans do seem to find the strange and mysterious rather compelling and the number of things covered in the book makes that clear.  I didn't necessarily agree with all of the conclusions that the author came up with, but he does a nice job of including the different opinions related to each issue.  I especially appreciated how he included the discoveries that science has made that either support or contradict the accepted ideas. For example, when he writes about the Shroud of Turin, he talks about its appearance, what people believe about it, and the tests that scientists have done on it that suggest its no where near old enough to have covered the body of Jesus Christ.  I also appreciated how he left room for the reader to believe as he/she wants.  The fact is for a lot of these mysteries, there is currently no definitive answer.  An interesting book for readers who enjoy real-life mysteries, many of which still have no final answer.

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