BOOK REVIEW: I Remember Mommy's Smile by Dina Wolfman Baker

Grades 1-5


Sometimes it can be difficult to know how to talk with a child about the illness or death of a parent. I Remember Mommy’s Smile offers parents and other caregivers an opportunity to open the door to dialogue. It also shows children that they are not alone or strange; others have gone through this type of sadness and loss, and they have ended up okay. As author Dina Wolfman Baker understands from her own experience, knowing you’re not alone can mean a great deal. These are her memoirs…written from her child self to other children, with the sensitivity, honesty and directness that can only come from having been there.


Death is a very personal, sensitive subject, especially for children.  When I found out about this book, I was interested in seeing how it handled that topic.  I feel like the author did a nice job with a difficult topic, maybe it's because it's from the author's own personal experiences.  It was good for me to read this and get a child's eye view of watching someone you love suffer and die.  While the illustrations aren't my favorite, they do compliment the story nicely.  I admire those who do cut paper collage because it takes great skill and that is manifested here. This picture book is fairly long with lots of words and probably more appropriate for a slightly older group of children. 


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