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BLOG TOUR and GIVEAWAY: God Doesn't Write with a Pen by Christi Lynn Pauline


God Doesn't Write with a Pen: Marked for Death, Separated by War; A true Story of Undaunted Faith and Mighty Miracles

Guinea-Bissau, West Africa, is war-torn and chaotic after the election of 1994. Joao Bernardo Vierra is elected president in spite of fierce opposition, magnifying the already tense political situation.

As war ravages the country, pharmacy owner, Blema Fangamou and his wife, Fatoumatou, are separated from their children. For over twelve years, the couple is tested and tried with hardships, all the while wondering whether their children are alive. Through the Lord, Blema and Fatoumatou are strengthened, helping them to maintain love and hope.

This true story of the Fangamou family’s journey through loss, recovery, and miracles helps us recognize the tender mercies given to us by the Lord in our own lives and is an inspiration to everyone who faces adversity.

author_christi_lynn_paulineABOUT THE AUTHOR

Christi Lynn Pauline was born in the humble town of Blackfoot, Idaho, near the Fort Hall Indian reservation. It was here that her interest in other cultures was cultivated at an early age. Her love of God, people, and literature has fueled a desire to write, and her favorite subject is that of ordinary people who possess extraordinary faith. She enjoys reading and writing poetry and has authored a children’s book entitled, “Hullaballoo at the Zoo.”

Christi currently resides in Meridian, Idaho, with her husband, Ernie, where they are both serving as Ward Missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They also serve as Ordinance Workers in the Boise, Idaho Temple. As a wife, mother, and grandmother, Christi treasures time spent with her family.


What a powerful story! This sort of story always reminds me how lucky I am to live where I do. The Fangamou family faces a lot of hardship in this story coming as they do from a country torn apart by war. Forced to flee, Blema heads to a refugee camp hoping to find a way to eventually reunite with his family. Meanwhile, his wife and six children are also forced to flee after being robbed of everything they own.  His wife is pregnant and has been savagely attacked.  Forced to deal with everything from the betrayal of friends to severe hunger, thirst, and illness, the Fangamou's hold fast to their faith in God despite it all. A truly inspirational story that truly touched my heart and kept me reading, God Doesn't Write with a Pen left me feeling humbled and appreciative.  A wonderful, if heart-breaking read that I can heartily recommend.


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