Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fairy Tale Read-a-thon, Day 4

Welcome to the Fairy Tale Read-a-thon Day 4!

While I haven't done as much reading as I had hoped, I have enjoyed the reading I've done. Be sure to check out today's Mini-Challenge being hosted by Pages Unbound and Giveaway hosted by Jessie's Book Place.  Also be sure to check out my mini-challenge and giveaway. Hope you are all having a good time!  Be sure to check Debz Bookshelf as she is our hostess and has done a lot of work getting this together.

  • Total Books Read: 2
  • Total Pages Read:685
  • Books Read Since Last Update: 1
  • Pages Read since last update: 261
  • Total time read: 6 and a half hours
  • How I'm currently feeling: I finished The Wide-Awake Princess and loved it so I'm moving on to the sequel, Unlocking the Spell.
Now that Annie has helped her sister Gwendolyn (a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty) wake up from the 100-year curse by finding her beloved prince, you would think that things would get back to normal. Think again! That beloved prince, Beldegard, is stuck in the body of a bear and the only way that Annie can be free of the two irritating lovebirds is to help-by finding the evil dwarf who cast the spell. Luckily, Annie has assistance from handsome prince Liam, and she has many tricks up her non-magical sleeve . . .

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  1. I just finished the Wide-Awake Princess, and I'm so excited to read the next one!


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