FANTASTIC FRIDAY: Unicorn Boy by Dave Roman



The first few years of Brian Reyes’ life were unremarkable―nothing weird about this kid, no sir. Then, one day, a bump appeared on his head, and it grew…and grew…and grew until it was a full-blown, sparkling, SINGING unicorn horn. That’s absolutely the last thing a shy kid like Brian wants, but destiny waits for no unicorn boy.

Luckily, Brian has his reassuring pal Avery to keep him grounded as weird occurrences start stacking up, like Brian’s breakfast muffin talking to him, or a bizarre black cat offering him a business card. But when shadowy creatures from another realm kidnap Avery, Brian has to embrace his fate to rescue his best friend.

In the pages of Unicorn Boy, Dave Roman has created a cast of charming oddballs reckoning with normal, every day problems like heroic destinies and the fate of all magic in the universe. Readers of Narwal and Jelly , Grumpy Unicorn, and InvestiGators will also endear themselves to these lovable characters.


Brian begins life like most other kids, but things quickly change when he grows a singing, unicorn horn. Not only is it hard to hide and impossible to explain, but it brings attention with it that Brian is not at all comfortable receiving. Brian's best friend, Avery, is thrilled enough for the both of them. Avery tries to help Brian remove the horn but when it can't be removed or covered up, Avery helps Brian deal with the complications that follow including unwanted teasing and a talking muffin. When Avery gets kidnapped by shadowy figures from the underworld, Brian is desperate to find and rescue them. It may just be possible with the assistance of his new magical capabilities, the knowledge and help of his mentor, the talking muffin, and a black cat. Appealing illustrations combined with themes of friendship, heroism, and problem-solving make the book one that many children will enjoy. Brian's alter ego, Unicorn Boy, has an appropriately magical look (long pink hair--mane, and a white outfit). There are plenty of humorous moments to balance out the more intense fight scenes as Brian faces off with the wicked king of the underworld and his shadowy minions. 


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