AUTHOR INTERVIEW & BOOK REVIEW: Cloud Puppy by Kelly Leigh Miller


Thanks to the publisher for arranging the interview and to Kelly Leigh Miller for answering my questions.


Kelly Leigh Miller is an illustrator and author who loves everything cute and whimsical. She is the author of I Love My Fangs!, I Love My Fur!, I Love My Magic!, and many more books. Visit her online at


What is the 'story behind the story'?

The idea for Cloud Puppy came from me revisiting my old love of Tamagotchis and Sanrio characters. At the time, I had also been studying Japanese mascots, the ones that are for businesses and cities, for character design inspiration. The character of Cloud Puppy came first after I worked on a lot of different creature designs. Her friends followed shortly after as well as the main story in the first book. 


What is the most interesting question a child has asked you?

I once had a kid ask me if I was going to do a Sonic the Hedgehog picture book and when I said I unfortunately wasn't, he proceeded to pitch me different Sonic picture book ideas. They all sounded pretty fun in all honesty! 


What are you currently working on?

I'm currently working on the sequel to Cloud Puppy. 


Which comes first: words or illustrations?

I usually start with an outline but after that, I prefer to do the rest of the writing and art at the same time. I've found it helps with pacing and story flow. Usually I will draw small sketches of the spread layouts and write my script next to it. Once I have a draft I like, I clean up my thumbnails and add the text to see how it looks.


What questions should I have asked that I didn't and what's the answer?

Usually people ask me if I keep a sketchbook and I do! I usually have two. One small one that is easy to take with me anywhere I go and one main one where I do most of my doodles and drawings. Doodling in my sketchbook is where most of my story ideas start.


Narwhal and Jelly meets The Amazing World of Gumball in this first book in a delightful graphic novel chapter book series about Cloud Puppy—part puppy, part cloud, and all adorable—and her forays into friendship, adventure, and all things geeky!

Meet Cloud Puppy! Her hobbies include making rainbows, super sniffing, and, of course, reading the Pretty Princess Warrior Dragonetta series with her best friend, Berry Rose. After Cloud Puppy finds out that her favorite author will be a guest at the local comic book convention, she and Berry Rose decide to attend in homemade costumes.

But when they both insist on dressing up as the same character, Cloud Puppy and Berry Rose have their first fight ever! Now, they’re going to the convention separately. Will these feuding friends be able to make amends?


Cloud Puppy presents readers with an adorable character, fun art, and sweet stories of friendship and creativity. Cloud Puppy (as you probably guessed, she is part puppy and part cloud) is thrilled when she discovers that her favorite comic book author will be at the upcoming comic con. She and her best friend, Berry Rose plan to dress in matching costumes from their favorite series: Pretty Princess Warrior Dragonetta. But when it turns out they are both going as Dragonetta, they have a big fight which makes things awkward at the convention. Other stories in the book include Mossquatch's disappointment when his costume isn't recognized by others at the convention and Cloud Puppy and friends creating their own comics. Cloud Puppy turning into a storm cloud with thunder and lightning makes for a clever touch. In addition to the fun stories, the author/illustrator includes instructions at the back of the book for young readers to create their own comic books. A delightful beginning to a fun new series for young graphic novel fans.


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