PICTURE BOOK REVIEW: Finding Grateful by Dianne White & Faith Pray


A heartfelt picture book that celebrates embracing the moment and finding gratitude right here, right now.

What does grateful look like? How does it feel? How do you find it? Even in the face of a challenge, you don’t need a You just need to pay attention to the little things—a smile, a hug, the smell of newly cut grass—that add up to a sense of presence and hope.
With evocative, lyrical prose, this warmly illustrated children's book is a reminder to pause, reflect, and take in the glimmers of positivity and connection that can be found amid even the most difficult circumstances. Both a timely meditation on finding gratitude in everyday moments and a timeless ode to the simple joy of truly being present, Finding Grateful encourages readers to slow down and embrace the beauty of being right where they are.


Dianne White is a writing teacher and the author of many award-winning picture books, including Blue on Blue, illustrated by Caldecott medalist Beth Krommes, and Dark on Light, illustrated by Felicita Sala. Forthcoming publications include It's Your Time to Shine, illustrated by Nanette Regan, and Finding Grateful, illustrated by Faith Pray. Dianne loves purple flowers, puppies, and “finding grateful” each and every day. For more, visit findinggrateful.com and diannewrites.com.


Being grateful is an important skill to develop. In this adorable SEL book (social and emotional learning book), a little girl learns to see and be grateful for all the little things in her life. After the family car breaks down, mom and daughter take a walk as mom explains that gratitude begins with noticing "this thing, that thing, anything, really". Paying attention to the world around us helps us learn to appreciate the little things which can lead us to appreciate the big things as well. The illustrator shows the little girl stopping to appreciate a flower blooming from the sidewalk as everyone else walks past. Smiles, waves, cold spray on a hot day, freshly cut grass, a puppy, and comfort after a fall all help the little girl learn about gratitude and it's power. The combination of the short, poetic phrases and the accompanying soft, gentle illustrations makes for a joyful read that gives parents and children, teachers and students, grandparent and grandchild, all, a chance to develop a greater appreciation for the small joys that can lighten our days if we take the time to simply notice them. A beautiful book in every way.



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