SHORT STORY COLLECTION: Hope Wins edited by Rose Brock



In a collection of personal stories and essays, award-winning and bestselling artists from Matt de la Pena and Veera Hiranandani to Max Brallier and R.L. Stine write about how hope always wins, even in the darkest of times.

Where does hope live?

In your family?

In your community?

In your school?

In your heart?

From a family restaurant to a hot-dog shaped car, from an empty road on a moonlight night to a classroom holiday celebration, this anthology of personal stories from award-winning and bestselling authors, shows that hope can live everywhere, even--or especially--during the darkest of times.

No matter what happens: Hope wins.

Contributors include: Tom Angleberger, James Bird, Max Brallier, Julie Buxbaum, Pablo Cartaya, J.C. Cervantes, Soman Chainani, Matt de la Pena, Stuart Gibbs, Adam Gidwitz, Karina Yan Glaser, Veera Hiranandani, Hena Khan, Gordon Korman, Janae Marks, Sarah Mlynowski, Rex Ogle, James Ponti, Pam Munoz Ryan, Ronald L.Smith, Christina Soontornvat, and R.L. Stine.


Hope Wins is a short story collection that seeks to inspire middle grade readers to cling to hope in their lives.  Compiled by Rose Brock with stories and poems written by a number of well-known middle grade writers the book shows that no matter what your background or struggles there is hope to be found.  As with most short story collections, I connected more with some stories than others, which is likely to be the case for most young readers as well.  All of the stories are well written and interesting.  I found them especially fascinating because I enjoy learning about the backgrounds of authors, I've discovered that it helps me appreciate their work even more.  The stories cover all kinds of experiences: school experiences, writing/publishing stories, struggles with bullying, crushing disappointments, and grief.  Some of my favorite stories include Gordon Korman's experience writing his first published book in 7th grade, James Bird's story about receiving kindness when his family was in a desperate situation and learning to pick himself up every time he got knocked down, and J.C. Cervantes poem about a teacher who helped her become a writer.  There is much here to be inspired by both as a young person or as an adult.  This book would be great for teachers to use in teaching students to write personal narratives but also inspire discussions about the challenges of life and how to face them.  Young readers and writers will also find much to learn from here as well as they receive advice from experienced writers. 


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