A delightful new take on a new sibling tale! SPELLBOUND by Jess Townes & Jennifer Harney

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A funny, fresh twist on new-sibling relationships and the magic of love. 
Willow's world is perfectly magical, until Rowan is born. When her new baby brother seems to enchant everyone he meets, Willow becomes convinced he is an actual, real-life wizard. Can Willow put a stop to his hocus pocus, or is Rowan's magic too powerful to resist?

Author Jess Townes brings fresh and expressive writing that's sure to appeal to young children, while illustrator Jenn Harney's unique and colorful art style brings this wonderful, whimsical story to life.


New sibling tales are a common theme in picture books.  And I've had the pleasure to read quite a few cute ones.  But Spellbound is my new favorite take on the 'trials' and 'tribulations' of a new sibling coming along and taking away the attention the oldest child is used to receiving. Willow lives with her family in an awesome looking treehouse in a forest.  She loves to share her magic with her family.  Magic potions, transformations, and carrots from her hat for her bunny, Houdini are all received with delight.  Until her little brother, Rowan arrives.  Rowan seems to have magical powers himself, mesmerizing mom, 'talking' to dad, and 'hypnotizing' grandma. Despite Willow's best efforts to stop Rowan's magic, she's unable to win back her audience.  After a final attempt to end her brother's mesmerizing magic, Willow finds herself 'thrown in the tower with the little wizard'.  Can she resist Rowan's magic or is his magic a little too strong?  The adorable illustrations will inspire all kinds of smiles as young listeners/readers follow Willow's story.  The inclusion of 'magic' makes the book all the more appealing.  A wonderful read aloud in the making with lots of fun details.  I found myself laughing out loud on more than one occasion.  Full of magical details and delightful word play, this book is a winning read all the way around.


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