SERIES REVIEW: Mr. Wolf's Class by Aron Nels Steinke--5 volumes


#1--Mr. Wolf has just started teaching at Hazelwood Elementary. He wants the first day of school to go well, but he's got his hands full with his new class. Some of his students include: Margot, who is new in town and is trying to make friends. Sampson, who brought something special to school for show-and-tell. Aziza, who just wants everyone to be quiet and do their work. And Penny, who is VERY sleepy because she has a new baby brother at home, goes missing! This delightful new series captures the everyday -- and unexpected -- ups and downs of a fourth-grade classroom. 

#2--Mr. Wolf's students are settling into their new classroom, and Randy, Aziza, and Margot realize they have some questions:1. What happened to Aziza's favorite Frisbee?2. Is the girls' bathroom really haunted?3. Where is Mr. Greens, the teacher who disappeared? To answer these questions, the three friends start a mystery club! What could be more fun? Meanwhile, Abdi is wondering what happens to the balls that are accidentally kicked over the fence during recess, and thinks he'll be a hero if he can find his best friend's football. Mysteries abound at Hazelwood Elementary!

#3--Mr. Wolf's students are having a "writer's workshop" and are learning about personal narratives. Sampson doesn't think anything worth writing has ever happened to him. He'd rather think about space pirates and zombies, anyway. But when Sampson and Margot go for a bike ride one morning, he has an accident that gives him a new perspective, and he thanks his lucky stars that he's going to be okay. Meanwhile, Penny gives the rats at school treats so that they'll leave surprise gifts for her, and Stewart and Oliver try to learn how to get along at recess.

#4--Mr. Wolf's students are going on a field trip! Everyone gets to sleep in log cabins, come up with fun camp names, and journey through the great woods. They'll be learning about the oldest and largest trees in the forest, exploring an abandoned ghost town, and toasting s'mores over a campfire. On top of all that, there are kids from a different school to meet! Meanwhile, Aziza and Randy must learn how to work through an argument, and Abdi is worried that he can't keep up with Henry and his new friends. There's much to do, see, and learn in the outdoors!

#5--It's snowing, and there's excitement in the air because the school day might end early. Students and teachers alike are looking forward to seeing what happens! Meanwhile, Abdi is distracted and worried because his brother is having surgery. He's supposed to go home with Henry, but they miss the bus and end up having an unexpected adventure with Mr. Wolf!


I quite enjoyed the Mr. Wolf's Class graphic novel series.  I read the series all close together which helped me remember all the characters better.  The stories revolve around Mr. Wolf and the students in his class. Each book focuses on a specific unit or activity that Mr. Wolf is doing with his students.  At the same time, subplots focus on individual students, friendships, and struggles.   All of the characters are animals but they behave very much like human beings.  I think what I enjoyed most was how much like real people the characters behaved.  I enjoyed the art for the most part.  I found it a little odd though how character mouths seemed to appear above noses on a few of the characters. Otherwise, the illustrations are great with their pleasing lines, great facial expressions, and bright, eye-catching color. Overall these books provide fun, relatable stories with engaging characters.  I especially found myself relating to Mr. Wolf's occasional confusion and frustration, working with children can be like that after all.  I was not at all surprised to discover that the author/illustrator works as a teacher.  As with most fiction, there were things that wouldn't be likely to occur in a real school, but aren't a problem in a fictional story.  The rats running around fully clothed causing mischief was a rather amusing touch.  All in all this is a delightful series that my students are bound to enjoy.  


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