Ginger, the witch, loves Halloween like her fellow witches, but she also loves Christmas.  But to her disappointment she's never had a visit from Santa.  In order for him to find her, he has to believe in witches or he can't see her village.  In an effort to get him to visit, she writes a letter including a map.  Santa is a bit startled when her letter arrives magically and he has to decide if he will believe in her or not.  This reversal of the story of belief makes for a fun and colorful read.  The illustrations contain many fun details mixing witches and Christmas decor.  A monster wreath, skeleton gingerbread, and hot chocolate in a caldron all make for a smile-inducing read.  This delightful twist on Christmas makes for a different sort of storytelling that young listeners are bound to enjoy.



The Little Owl & The Big Tree tells the story of a small Northern Saw-whet Owl living in a large tree in northern New York.  She lived a normal wild owl life until the day her tree was chopped down with her hiding in her hole.  She hid in the hole unknown to anyone until the tree arrived at its location and the tarps covering it were removed.  The small owl was taken to a local wildlife rescue center to recover from her ordeal.  The owl was named Rockefeller after the center where her tree came to life for Christmas.  After recovering, Rockefeller was released back into the wild, although not in her original home.  This sweet tale of a rescued animal is one that touches the heart.  Told in a simple, straight-forward style, this tale is bound to win over young readers.  The sweet illustrations do a great job of showing the owl's ordeal and recovery.  A winning story all around.

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While his friends help decorate the city, Bulldozer frets over what he can give his friends for Christmas.  When he notices a tire buried in the snow nearby, he goes over to investigate.  As he starts to clear the area  he finds others pieces of leftover construction material.  At first he thinks it's all just junk but after pushing it all together into one big pile, he gets an idea that helps him provide the Christmas gift he so wanted to give.  As with the other Bulldozer stories, this one is a sweet tale of friendship, not only between Bulldozer and his truck friends, but between Bulldozer and the cats.  The text with its fun mix of dialogue and sounds that young listeners will love to join in reading as the story proceeds.  And the idea that gifts that come from the heart with a personal touch can be the best kind of gift shines through clearly.  A fun tale for young truck and Christmas lovers.


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