CHRISTMAS PICTURE BOOKS: Carla and the Christmas Cornbread by Carla Hall & 'Twas the Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore, illustrated by P.J. Lynch


In this heartwarming tale inspired by her childhood, superstar chef and TV host Carla Hall shares the story of young Carla, who eats a sugar cookie meant for Santa on the night before Christmas and tries to make things right.

Christmas is Carla’s favorite holiday of the year. She goes to her grandparents’ house and eats grandma’s special recipe—a perfectly delicious cornbread. She listens to her grandpa Doc’s marvelous stories about traveling the world. And, best of all, she spends lots of time with her family.

But when Carla accidentally takes a bite out of Santa’s sugar cookie, she thinks she’s ruined Christmas. How will Santa know to stop at their house if they don’t leave him a midnight snack? With her grandmother’s help, Carla comes up with a plan, but will it be enough to save Christmas?


This tasty treat of a book tells of young Carla's efforts to correct a mistake she makes while visiting her grandmother's house for Christmas.  After a fun day filled with travel and yummy food with her family, Carla takes a bite from a delicious-looking sugar cookie.  When she discovers that cookie was for Santa, she is heart-broken and afraid that Santa won't be coming after all.  But with Granny's help, Carla makes a new treat for Santa, hoping it will be enough.  This sweet story about correcting mistakes and family love and support makes for a delightful read.  The author, a skilled chef, includes a yummy-sounding cornbread and cinnamon butter recipe for readers to try.  A fun tale of family traditions that makes for a comfortable and enjoyable read.


The classic Christmas verse in an elegant new gift edition--breathtakingly illustrated by P.J. Lynch.

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house . . .

P.J. Lynch brings his rich and atmospheric art to the well-loved holiday poem. Children will pore over every cozy detail in these warm, sweeping watercolor illustrations--from snug mice to stockings hung by the chimney with care to toys in the bundle flung over merry St. Nicholas's back. A glowing interpretation of a favorite read-aloud, this is a keepsake volume to cherish and return to year after year.


When I found out that P.J. Lynch had illustrated Moore's famous Christmas poem, I knew I wanted to see it.  I knew it would be gorgeous, and I was right.  He's done a stunning job.  Despite owning several other copies of this poem, all well-illustrated, I had to add this one to my collection.  I loved how the illustrations complimented the text so beautifully with details from the text showing up in the illustrations.  Night caps, rosy cheeks, smoke from Santa's pipe swirling around his head, all of these details mentioned by Moore in his poem show up in Lynch's stunning illustrations. While some might object to the pipe Santa is smoking, that part is in the original poem and so is included here, although there are some versions that don't include that part.  Lynch's wonderful adaptation stays true to the original poem in a lovely, smile-inducing way. 


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