NOVELTY BOARD BOOK REVIEW -- Ultimate Earth: Oceans and Seas by Miranda Baker

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The Earth's oceans and seas are filled with all different kinds of creatures, from tiny krill to the enormous blue whale. Readers dive into the sea to meet such fascinating animals as the electric eel, puffer fish, giant clam, colossal squid, mimic octopus, and many others. Features fun facts and flaps to lift throughout.
With flaps and extended pages, this book introduces readers to some of the remarkable animals that live in the ocean.  Each double page spread focuses on one type of creature such as predators, speedy swimmers, disguise and display, and weird and wonderful.  The spreads alternate between flaps on one spread followed by an extended page on the next.  The text is broken up into sections with brief facts scattered among the illustrations.  The illustrations are bright and attractive.  The book provides a fun way for children to learn more about the animals of the ocean.  The only thing that would have made it better would have been an additional resources and bibliography.  But a fun board book for young animal lovers.
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