BOARD BOOKS REVIEW : Stanley's Toy Box and Stanley's Lunch Box by William Bee

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ABOUT THE BOOK (From Amazon)
Everyone’s favorite hard-working hamster Stanley teams up with friends to introduce young readers to basic toys and their uses.

Join Stanley at the park where he and his friends explore and play with all the toys in his toy box. They bounce balls, sail toy boats, and fly kites. What else is in Stanley’s toy box?

An early introduction to the toy vocabulary and object identification, this board book will appeal to Stanley’s youngest fans.


Stanley and his friend Little Woo go to the park where they meet up with Betty!  Together the friends play with the toys that Stanley brought in his toy box.  A jump rope, bouncing balls, beach buckets, and bowling pins all get played with by the group of friends.  A mishap with the toy boats and wind-up submarine causes some consternation for a bit.  This is followed by a little bit of mayhem with kites and a remote control plane.  Finally the friends clean up the toys and head home.  This cute book presents a group of toys and how they are used, but it also shows that conflict can arise when friends play together.  A fun book to share with young children just learning to play with their toys and their friends.
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ABOUT THE BOOK (from Peachtree Publishing website)

Everyone’s favorite hard-working hamster Stanley introduces young readers to a variety of simple foods as he packs his lunchbox for a very important picnic.

Join Stanley as he visits his local market to shop for items to pack in his lunch box. He’ll get bread from Gabriel, cheese from Hattie, and fruit from George. Hmmm… What will Stanley make for his lunch?

An early introduction to food vocabulary and variety, this board book will appeal to Stanley’s youngest fans.

Stanley heads to the market to buy food to make his lunch.  He buys bread, cheese, fruit, chips, crackers, jelly, scones, and muffins, as well as lemonade and cocoa powder. After he returns home he makes a lunch which he then shares with his brother, Herbert.  As with the other titles in the series, this board book is colorful and attractive.  Stanley is a friendly character whose books introduce readers to a variety of different places and activities.  This one focuses on grocery shopping at a market and making a lunch from the foods purchased.  A fun series for helping young children learn about some of the routine activities of daily living.


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