FANTASTIC FRIDAY: Darkmouth, the legend begins by Shane Hegarty


Darkmouth: The Legends Begin is the first book in a spirited tween fantasy series that Kirkus Reviews called “Ghostbusters meets Percy Jackson as written by Terry Pratchett.”

For generations, Finn’s family has protected Darkmouth from the fierce magical creatures known as Legends. Now the Legends are plotting a major attack, and it’s Finn’s turn to defend his hometown. So it’s too bad he’s the worst Legend Hunter in history.

The world’s unlikeliest hero is also its only hope in this middle grade series full of madcap adventure and mythological creatures—perfect for fans of How to Train Your Dragon and The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom.


In training to become Darkmouth's next Legend hunter, Finn fails over and over again.  He doesn't even want to be a Legend hunter, he wants to be a vet.  But the continued arrival of legends from the Infested Side guarantees that his wants are secondary to his father and trainer, Hugo the Great.  And when the townspeople get riled over the destruction that Finn inadvertently causes and a betrayer appears in their midst, Finn's challenges get bigger than ever.  I found Finn to be a very appealing character.  Somehow it's refreshing to read about a character that isn't naturally good at being a hero, who doesn't want to be a hero, and wants to help creatures not hurt them.  But like life in the real world, things don't always work out the way one would desire and Finn finds himself battling not only legends but a prophecy that doesn't bode well for himself, as well as his own lack of self-confidence.  The twists and turns with Finn's new friend, Emmie as well as his own parents add some nice depth to the story.  While the book is longer, the action moves along at a brisk enough pace to keep middle grader fantasy lovers reading and the illustrations are just plain awesome, especially the monster ones.  A fun new series for fantasy lovers that are intrigued by monster hunting and searching for the hero inside oneself.


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