I don't normally post things like this on my blog.  But I thought I would try it.

I am working on raising money to purchase some STEAM/STEM kits to use with my students.  See further information below.

Fairy Tales and STEM

My students need two STEM/STEAM Kits.

My Students

A typical day in a school library involves reading a poem or completing a library review sheet. A mini-lesson introduces or reinforces library curriculum such as story elements, book awards, informational and digital literacy.
I see 540 students a week made up of a wide variety of personalities and abilities.
Some of them love to read, some of them avoid it like the plague. I always cheer when I can find a book for a reluctant reader that turns them on to reading. Like most children, they love to talk and I'm always thrilled when I get thoughtful responses that show they've been truly involved in an activity. Their enthusiasm for a good read-aloud is truly the best part of working with children.

My Project

The Fairy Tales STEM/STEAM Kits I'm requesting will be used to help students look beyond the Disney versions of fairy tales to see the elements that have allowed these stories to be around for so long. At the same time, principles related to science and technology and problem solving will aid the children in developing critical thinking skills and looking beyond the words that they read. Interactive activities including building, problem solving, and puppets encourage the students to use their minds to reconstruct the stories and find alternate solutions for the fairy tale characters.
I see each class only once a week.
Because of that I have to have lessons that immediately engage the children, otherwise they don't remember what I've taught them from week to week. These materials will help me to plan lessons that combine curriculum needs with active engagement making for a more effective classroom environment.


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