CYBILS Review: The Truth of Me by Patricia MacLachlan


The Truth of Me tells the story of Robbie, who loves spending time with his grandmother Maddy. Robbie loves the stories Maddy tells, and also how wild animals trust her enough to come right up to her.
But Robbie has always felt as if something is missing in his life--his parents don’t always act like they love him. Maddy helps him understand that an experience his mother had long ago is at the heart of the problem in his family. With this knowledge, Robbie finds the courage to try to make things right.
This poignant story celebrates how our unique “small truths” make each of us magical and brave in our own ways.


Robbie doesn't have a particularly good relationship with his parents. His parents seem more interested in their music than in him. Luckily he does have a sweet friendship with his grandmother, Maddy. When he goes to stay with her over the summer while his parents are on tour, he discovers that like his grandmother, he has his own 'small truths,' things that make him distinctly him.  With the help of his dog, Ellie, his grandmother's doctor neighbor, Henry, and some wild animals, Robbie discovers that there is more to his world than he ever imagined.

Strengths: As always, MacLachlan creates a main character that is easy to relate to and empathize with. Robbie is a sweet kid that I couldn't help caring about.  Maddy is a free spirit that made me smile.  The book's gentle tone makes for a story of discovery and light adventure. Quiet, shy readers are bound to find much here to enjoy.

Weaknesses:  A lot of child readers prefer more excitement in the books they read.

Overall, a sweet and thoughtful read for the more thoughtful reader.


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