Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Book Review

Ragdolls Are the Best
Elaine Landau
Lerner Publishing Group, 2011
Grades K-5
Reviewed from ARC provided by publisher through NetGalley

Ragdoll cats earned their name from the way they relax and hang like a 'ragdoll' when they are picked up.  They are also soft and warm, and the perfect cat to cuddle with.  But like all cat breeds they are not for everyone as Landau smartly points out.  With gorgeous blue eyes and bushy tails, ragdolls can make themselves at home almost anywhere.  Because of their friendliness and the high maintenance care they require however, they make better indoor cats than outdoor.

Landau does a great job of presenting a good overview of this cat breed.  The writing is clear and easy to follow.  The author provides just enough information with becoming heavy handed.  She covers all of the major points, history of the breed, characteristics, how to chose a cat, and the kind of care required.  The layout is outstanding and very attractive.  Children are likely to pick up this book just because of the beautiful cat on the cover, as well as the bright colors which catch the eye.  Definitely a book to put in the hands of the youngest cat lovers.

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