Thursday, October 10, 2013

CYBILS Review: White Fur Flying by Patricia MacLachlan


Zoe’s family rescues dogs in need. There is always the sweet smell of dog and a warm body looking to cuddle or play. There is always a new dog to be saved and loved. Fur flies everywhere. It covers everything. Zoe’s house is never silent.

But the house across the street is always silent these days. A new family has moved in and Phillip, the boy, has stopped speaking. He doesn’t even want to try.

Zoe knows that saving dogs and saving boys are different jobs, but she learns that some parts are the same. Both take attention and care, understanding and time. And maybe just a bit of white fur flying.


Some authors seem to have a gift for telling a story with depth and heart using a surprisingly few words. MacLachlan has proven herself to be one of those kinds of authors.  I know when I pick up one of her books that I will feel good when I finish it. And White Fur Flying is no exception.  

Zoe, a young girl with a heart sensitive to the feelings of others, tells the story about the dogs and the boy and her family.  Zoe's family rescues Great Pyrenees dogs.  When a young boy moves in next door who doesn't speak, Zoe's family accepts him and shows him kindness and acceptance.  When a new rescued dog named Jack comes to stay with Zoe's family, it may be just the thing to help Phillip find his voice.

The story is very sweet.  The parrot named Lena who repeats what she hears adds a funny note to the story.  This would make a nice read-a-loud for younger students who aren't ready for more intense reads.  But I think it also make for a good family story, I really enjoyed reading about Zoe's family and how they related to each other.

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