PICTURE BOOK REVIEW: Ready to Soar by Cori Doerrfeld



From the New York Times bestselling author of The Rabbit Listened , a story of learning to stay true to yourself, rather than what others want you to be.

Riley made a paper airplane and couldn’t wait to let it soar. But just before the plane could take off—SQUAWK. An eagle swoops in and insists Riley’s plane could never fly. It’s much too small. So Riley makes it bigger! But just as this bigger paper airplane is ready to go, a parrot squawks that the plane is way too boring to fly. So Riley makes it fancier! Bird after bird offers advice, and Riley tries making the airplane faster longer, taller, and slimmer.

When the plane crashes to the ground after all these changes, Riley finally meets a more supportive friend . . . and rediscovers the joy and wonder of soaring.


As in her other heart touching picture books, Cori Doerrfeld hits it out of the park with her adorable main character and a sweet story of determination and perseverance. Riley creates a paper airplane and is excited to try it out. Just before releasing the plane, an eagle flies by and tells him it's not big enough. Riley makes his plane bigger. As bird after bird criticizes Riley's paper airplane, he tries to accommodate their advice. Unsurprisingly, the plane falls apart. What will Riley do now? He musters up the courage to try one more time. Combining her typically gorgeous artwork with a sweet ode to the importance of friendship and encouragement, Doerrfeld once again delights readers with her relatable and adorable story. And those final endpapers are highly satisfying and will definitely inspire smiles in readers both young and old.


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