#MMGM: The Superteacher Project by Gordon Korman


Gordon Korman has a knack for creating characters and stories that make readers smile. His stories are entertaining and yet somehow manages to present interesting ethical and moral dilemmas as well. Told from the perspectives of several students, the principal, and an engineer, The Superteacher Project follows the arrival of a new teacher at Brightling Middle School. From the moment Mr. Aidact catches Oliver's spitball in his fingers it's clear the teacher is unique. Mr. Aidact takes over detention, the girl's field hockey team, and most of the extra duties around the school without a word of complaint. He sees things that no one else sees and doesn't get upset. As Mr. Aidact becomes more popular among the students, Oliver and his friend, Nathan set out to discover why his so-called student teacher, Mr. Perkins is always around, and why Mr. Aidact knows a mind-boggling amount about many things. After Mr. Aidact rescues Mr. Perkins from drowning and learns to drive on the spot, it's clear that Mr. Aidact is no regular teacher.  Mr. Aidact's participation in a secret program creates a lot of drama that threatens his position. The students band together to find a way to see Mr. Aidact despite questions about his very existence. There are some interesting ethical questions about AI and teaching embedded with this very entertaining story. I found myself both laughing and pondering choices made by both adults and students. While some things about this situation are rather unbelievable, Korman makes it work quite well. And questions about artificial intelligence and its roll in education are rather surprisingly relevant.  An enjoyable read all around.


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