EARLY CHAPTER BOOK: Crimson Twill--Witch in the City by Kallie George and Birgitta Sif


Crimson Twill's unusual preferences help her stand out in the witch world.  She loves polka dots, she giggles rather than cackling, and skips rather than slinking, and dreams sweet dreams rather than nightmares.  A visit to Broomingdale's, a mall in the city, highlights her differences as she looks for a way to spend her gold coins. Her efforts lead her to visit several different floors where she looks at pets, brooms, and hats.  She picks up a lost puppy on the pet floor and spends the rest of her time looking for its owner.  She meets another young witch with colorful tastes while looking at hats before ending up at the fashion show where she finds the owner of the puppy.  She doesn't find something special to buy, but she finds special new friends instead.  Not only does Crimson make for an adorable protagonist, but the story's fun details brought a smile to my face over and over again.  Talking elevators, frog-eye pie, brooms floating near the ceiling, and a cleaning broom that won't quit.  I thoroughly enjoyed this truly adorable little book.  A fun read for young readers that would also make a great read aloud. The black-and-white illustrations add the perfect finishing touch.  Above all, Crimson's confidence in her differences makes her a heroine well worth cheering on in her efforts to be kind.


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