WILD & WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY: Famous Fails by Crispin Boyer


This fun book of quirky failures and famous flops will keep kids laughing while they learn the importance of messing up in order to get it right. Science, architecture, technology, entertainment -- there are epic fails and hilarious goof-ups from every important field. Silly side features help to analyze the failures: "Lesson Learned," "It Could be Worse!," "Losing Combinations," and a "Fail Scale" to help readers navigate the different kinds and scope of the mistakes made. The stories will include what went wrong, what went right, and what kids can learn from each failed attempt.


I feel much better about my life and many failures after reading this book.  Somehow it's very comforting to know that I'm not the only one who has messed up.  I found this book absolutely fascinating as I read about the many different types of failures the world has scene.  Everything from buildings that burn things to flying cars to failed inventions.  It was especially interesting to read about some really famous people like Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison who despite being really successful in the long run, also experienced their own failures.  There are many types of failures depicted in this book, everything from sports, to food, to entertainment (Smell-o-vision, anyone?), failed escape attempts, to fashion.  Side bars share lessons learned, things that were even worse, and tips for dealing with one's own mistakes.  This is a book that should definitely be in libraries for all ages for there is much to be learned here.  There is even a game of sorts included challenging the readers to identify 9 mistakes in the book itself. Lots and lots of fun to be found in this book.


  1. I recently listened to a podcast devoted to failures and was surprised at how heartening it was to hear about how people recovered from what felt like devastating failures. It's good to see a kid-centric equivalent!


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