Tuesday, September 27, 2016

MMGM: The Curse of the Were-Hyena by Bruce Hale


What do you do when your favorite teacher starts turning into a were-hyena?

a) Flee in terror?
b) Try to cure him?
c) Bring him carrion snacks?

Mr. Chu, the coolest teacher ever, has developed some very unusual habits, like laughing hysterically for no reason, sniffing people's homework, and chasing chickens. When best friends Carlos and Benny decide to find out what's happening to him, they get caught up in some moonlight madness. And it looks like just the beginning of the weirdness that has arrived in the town of Monterrosa. . . . This first entry in a silly, sassy, and suspenseful new series will leave readers howling with laughter.


Edgar-nominated author Bruce Hale is passionate about inspiring reluctant readers to read. He has written or illustrated more than 35 seriously funny books for children, including the popular School for S.P.I.E.S. and Chet Gecko Mysteries series; as well as picture books such as Clark the Shark, Snoring Beauty, and Big Bad Baby. An actor and a Fulbright Scholar in Storytelling, Bruce is in demand as a speaker, having presented at conferences, universities, and schools around the world. Bruce's book The Malted Falcon was an Edgar Award Finalist and Murder, My Tweet won the Little D Award for Humor Writing. He lives in Santa Barbara, California with his wife and dog.


Bruce Hale can always be trusted to come up with a story that's both compelling and completely out there at the same time.  Carlos and his best friend, Benny are shocked when their favorite teacher, Mr. Chu starts behaving very strangely, giggling one moment only to turn around and growl or say nasty things the next.  He also seems to have developed super speed, a sensitivity to dogs, and a strong desire to eat raw chicken.  Naturally, the boys go to the local comics store for answers and thanks to the help of Mrs. Tameses, they figure out that Mr. Chu is turning into a were-hyena.  With additional help from Karate Girl (Tina) and the local museum, the boys set out to stop their teacher from transforming completely.  As long as the reader is willing to suspend disbelief about some of the wacky happenings, the reader is bound to have an exciting and amusing ride through Hale's new series.  Carlos and Benny are likeable but flawed (Benny tends to be a bit bossy and impulsive while Carlos is more cautious).  The cover is fun, on the hard cover, the picture of Mr. Chu and the boys changes as Mr. Chu turns into a were-Hyena and back.  Hand this one to children who want something a bit scary and adventurous but with a good dose of humor and wackiness.

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